Valentine’s influencer couple: Settle Subtle


Varun and Siddhi are full time bloggers, having founded their fashion & lifestyle blog “Settle Subtle“ and dedicated themselves to creating amazing content for both men and women. They have learned from experience that to succeed, bloggers have to be patient, consistent, and believe in what they do, while never forgetting why they started in the first place; they recognise their followers as  “the biggest support system”. Varun also dedicates time to his Family Real Estate and Constructions Business, while Siddhi is a freelance actress, appearing in theatre, TV shows or ads during her free time.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-13 à 10.28.48How did you come up with the idea of creating the “Settle Subtle” blog? How did you choose this name?

Settle Subtle was made out of pure love for the idea to create content, work with creative minds, curate fun stuff for brands in different ways and not just stay static in commercial space. Settle Subtle, the name was quite a search. We wanted to play with words, we wanted to portray or describe our blog and ourselves through our name and obviously stay away from the Cliche! Thus, Settle Subtle.

Is blogging in India currently considered “a serious job”?

Well to be honest, blogging is relatively new in India in terms of a career and there’s a lack of understanding for the need of digital marketing here. People think of it as an additional promotion whereas it should be the brand’s priority. Hence it’s often misjudged to be more like a hobby or a side job than a serious job.

Tell us about your proudest blogging achievement?Capture d’écran 2017-02-13 à 10.28.25

We remember being all excited when we’d just started blogging and we were featured in Vogue and GQ. That, we think, was one of the proudest achievements we’ve had. It was more like moral boost for us in terms of blogging. Of course, writing this interview for Ykone makes us really proud! Also the constant love that our followers show us everyday is a big achievement in its own. It’s amazing to see people getting inspired by us.

What do you find is the most frustrating and most challenging aspect of blogging?

The most challenging part I would say is to stay different and fresh every time even if you’re doing what 10 other people are doing. Being consistent, keeping your audience excited and on their toes and curating creative content every time is the most challenging part. Frustrating we would say is dealing with PR companies and clients. A lot of time they get into your creative space and want to make things look commercial which is not what we are into. Also, criticism. You can never avoid it no matter how good you are, so it’s hard dealing with it sometimes.

Do you only do collaborations as a couple or are you open to working individually?

Settle Subtle as a blog discusses and promotes fashion and lifestyle for women and men, both individually and collectively. We believe that things go hand in hand, as women play a major role when it comes to shopping for men. We all know the LADY shops for the man in the house most of the times so we look at women as our audience for menswear too and visa versa. Plus creating content together brings a lot more freshness and variety to the blog and it keeps us from being monotonous.

A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online – do you have any tips for people who would like to make money through online blogging?

Such things sound easy, but they are anything but easy. See, at the end of the day blogging is a process of understanding and pleasing people, which is obviously a task in itself. Marketing and branding yourself is the toughest part I would say because you have to be real no matter what situation you’re put in. Then again, if you’re able to make that connect with your audience and your followers, nothing like it! So yeah, be real, be honest and keep your audience as your priority.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-13 à 10.46.30

Varun, we know that your speciality is to make the best food possible from whatever’s left in the kitchen. Have you thought about blogging about food as well?

Haha, first of all, I want to say that’s some brilliant research! Yes I do love cooking and I love experimenting with food. Especially when you’re living alone, you need kitchen hacks to survive. Siddhi actually gets to try a different sandwich every time she eats one, I like to call it ‘Varun’s Special’.

Siddhi, you are a professional salsa dancer and TV / Theatre Actress. Is it fair to say that your blog encourages a completely different means of expression compared to your profession or are there some links between dance, theatre, and fashion blogging?Capture d’écran 2017-02-13 à 10.46.20

Of course it has a complete different perspective to it when it comes to creating content for a blog. I love writing and I absolutely enjoy exploring Fashion. So the blog gave me a chance to explore this part of me too. In terms of the link, I think being creative is the basis of all three professions. No matter whatever I do, I have complete freedom to create and experience new things every single time. I have never liked the idea of having a single profession designated to me so I keep juggling and trying different things.