LolliPop Instagram accounts


Welcome to the world of lively colour and amusing content. Here, Ykone selected five accounts in the same “LolliPop” style, characterized by the joyful and vibrant universe, as well as by the pop colours choice.

1. Adrienne Raquel is a photographer and art director from NYC who creatively plays with objects and colour. She draws inspiration from all things related to summer, the colour pink and her surroundings.
Capture d’écran 2017-02-09 à 10.02.53

2. Anny Wang is a visual artist from Copenhagen. Her extensive artwork is upbeat and playful, drawing inspiration from flowers, fruit and her own imaginary world.
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3. Akatre is a Parisian Creative Studio specialising in graphic design, photography, typography and musical creation. Their work is recognised in artistic, cultural, musical, fashion and luxury fields.
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4. Daniel Aristizabal describes himself as an “Image Baker & Cookie Maker.” His artwork is playful and vibrant, as he reimagines objects by changing their forms and bringing them to life through movement.
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5. Leta Sobierajski is a designer and art director based in NYC. She creates light-hearted and amusing content, often posing for photos with her boyfriend.
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