Conference in Dubai


Dubai is the next destination for the conference How Brands are going Live “Online”  organized by Ykone. The conference will take place on January 23, 2017, in the Harper’s Bazaar Café situated in the Dubai Design District. In continuation of our publication from 2016 on the same theme, this conference will be a splendid occasion to meet three influencers from Dubai and to host around 50 very special guests, from the most prestigious beauty and luxury brands.

During this conference we will discover how the most innovative brands such as Gucci, Rebecca Minkoff or Benefit Cosmetics are using Live Content to transform the way they collaborate with influencers and generate visibility on Social Media. Further, in line with a goal to understand the Middle East’s market, the three influencers Dinal Sharif, Maya Ahmad and Mohamed Hindash, will share their vision of Live Content.

To participate please register by clicking on this link: