Silicon Switzerland

The Swiss Fine Watchmaking industry was in the business of intelligent timepieces long before the smartwatch came onto the scene. But just how will it react to this major technological upheaval?

Our fifth Insights, Silicon Switzerland: From Connected Chronographs to Connected Demographics explores the different digital pathways available to Swiss leaders looking to anticipate the needs of a generation as connected as the watches they wear.


Chloé: Love Story

The first glance, the first kiss…
We all remember when and where it happened.

For the launch of Chloé Love Story, we invited 12 top-tier influencers to interpret succesive scenes from a love story via their platforms and a custom-made Tumblr comprising brand content, influencer shots and community contributions.

Daisy Chain

Event & Blogger's outreach

What do your dreams look like?

Discover how Influential and highly creative influencers helped drive traffic to the Marc Jacobs perfume website creating “dreamy” content around the fragrance and sharing it across their networks.

Our Offices

The digital tailoring workshop

To provide tailor made digital innovation to our clients, our offices also host some talented creative partners.

Whatever the challenge, we partner with a global network of creative innovators to craft bespoke digital solutions that go above and beyond.

What we do

Ykone is a digital creative agency driven by a passion: making storied brands even more desirable and creative thanks to technology. We work hand in hand with you to help build and intensify online relationships.

From designing websites to managing international influencer campaigns, our approach is innovative, international, ROI-oriented and tailor made to each and every one of your needs.

  • Consulting

    We craft bespoke global digital strategies to help you meet targets and stay ahead of the game.

  • Creating

    We conceive, create and deliver editorial and visual brand content for websites, social networks and other digital assets.

  • Activation

    We leverage and enhance your digital efforts through social media, digital influencers and media campaigns.

  • Analysis

    We harness key indicators and generate reports using custom monitoring tools, delivering specific analysis to measure digital success.


Cosmetics / Beauty

How we work

We partner with creative innovators globally to offer insightful and impactful digital solutions.We are a team of dynamic and approachable digital enthusiasts keen to find and share creative concepts.

  • Creative

    For us, creativity is not an added extra; it’s what makes our digital operations authentic and memorable.

  • Innovative

    In a fast-moving world, we see innovation as the common denominator of tomorrow’s leading brands.

  • Collaborative

    We establish a close partnership together to help you better understand and rise to the challenges of the digital world.

  • Bespoke

    We listen carefully to you and take the time to consider your requirements so as to surprise you with bespoke solutions.

Our people

Did you know ?

We are a digital creative agency offering you a full range of in-house services to help you build a strong and lasting online presence.


If you have any questions or you simply want to say bonjour, please get in touch with us below.


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